Flora & Fauna

The Fort Peck Tribes Cultural Resources Department (CRD) program was established in 1995 to meet the Reservation’s obligations concerning cultural resources, and to manage the museum as a repository. The program has two primary objectives: Support the Reservation’s museum, and to be good environmental stewards. These objectives are met through the inventory, evaluation, and management of cultural resources in a manner congruent with Federal legislation, and through strong tribal outreach and research programs.

The Cultural Resources Department manages a diverse array of cultural properties. Prehistoric remains, which outline all of the established chronological periods of prehistory, include hunter-gatherer camps, resource processing areas, quarries (lithic), rockshelters, and rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs). Historic remains include cairns, mining sites, cemeteries, campsites, homesteading sites, roads, residential sites, ranching sites, water storage sites, and structural sites. Some of the major activities of the Cultural Resources Department are:

Overall Cultural Resources Management, Historical Buildings and Structures, Protection of Archaeological and Traditional Cultural Properties, Curation, Education and Awareness, Community Relations, Cultural Resources Compliance, Museum Management, and Tourism.